We are House of Performance

House of Performance specialises in improving workplace performance and in enabling organisations to continue making further improvements on their own.

We achieve this by placing responsibility on the people who do the work, by offering people the chance to learn, and by creating a space for dialogue and mutual feedback.

We believe that long-term results are born from trust and an open ambience.

How do we improve performance?

House of Performance’s approach is to focus on improving the Service Profit Chain. The principle of this model is that a happy employee leads to a happy client, which in turn leads to good financial results. In order to get this sequence going, we pay attention to hard aspects such as process optimisation through waste elimination, while guiding the organisation in the right direction by using a set of tools that we know we can rely on. Beside these, our working methods also include particular emphasis on soft aspects such as management style and desired employee behaviour. Everything we do is based on our belief that any changes to processes or guidance will only lead to sustainable results if the behaviour and leadership also grow in the right direction.

No huge reports. Just results that last.